Beam Profiler

BPF-L400/L800/L900 is the fidelity beam profiler with unique transfer imaging technology. The beam profile of high power lasers can be directly measured without any attenuators in front of the imaging plate.
You can realize true behavior of your laser beam from the precise, real-time, real-place, speckle-free images of BPF-L400/L800/L900.
Diode laser focusing beam profiles from a lens (f=4.5mm) output surface at 0.25mm intervals. (808nm, 35W CW)

Measurement (software)
  • 2D/3D View (intensity profile)
  • 1D Cross sectional view
    X/Y-cut, Radial-cut, Arbitrary-cut, etc.
  • Beam diameter calculations
    Threshold, D4σ, Gauss/Super-gauss-fit, Knife-edge, Moving slit, etc.
  • 2D Beam parameter calculations
    Centroid, Azimuth angle, Ellipticity, Eccentricity, Uniformity, Cross-sectional area, etc.
  • Beam propagation parameter calculations
    Divergence angle, Beam waist diameter, Rayleigh length, M2 value, etc.
  • Beam stability
    Centroid, Beam diameter, Peak intensity, Power, etc.

  • Caution : Some measurements need higher software version (upgrade).
    Caution : Some measurements need additional data for optical axis direction.
  • Spectral range
    BPF-L400 : 380 ∼ 550nm
    BPF-L800 : 750 ∼ 900nm
    BPF-L900 : 900 ∼ 980nm
  • Active area
    5 x 5mm
  • Resolution
  • Min. beam diameter
  • Max. beam diameter
  • Frame rate
    up to 20Hz
  • Operation mode
    cw/pulse (TTL triggered)
  • Dimensions
    45 x 85 x 115mm
  • Weight
  • Operating temp. range
    0 ∼ 40°C
  • Linearity error
    < 1%  (300W/cm² L800)
    < 1%  (120kW/cm² L800)
  • Spatial inaccuracy
    < 1%
  • Damage threshold
    > 400kW/cm² (L800)
  • Signal intensity non-uniformity
    > 10% (L800)
  • Beam diameter non-uniformity
    > 5% (L800)
  • Interface
  • OS
    Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10 (32/64bit)

Data Sheet