1970 (Sep)

Founded in Nagoya, Japan.

In 1970, Kimio Kawamoto founded Canare in Nagoya Japan, focusing on electric construction services of sound systems for schools, hotels, and wedding halls. In the early stage after the establishment, he developed the innovative original microphone cable by hearing many users’ requests. This customer-first attitude led him to expand his business.

1974 (Feb)

Incorporated as Canare Electric Co., Ltd.

In order to further enhance our credibility and expand our business, we established Canare Electric Co., Ltd.(capital:10 million yen) in Nagoya Japan on February 2, 1974, for the purpose of electric construction service for AV equipment.

1974 (Dec)

Released Multichannel Audio Snake Cable.

When using many microphones in a studio or on a stage, the floor is covered with cables that can be hard to step over. Therefore, we developed multichannel cable systems to combine them into a single cable. The functionality and convenience of this system has led to its adoption in the broadcasting industry and concert/musical halls/venues.

1981 (Jun)

Released Fixed Use Microphone Cable.

Canare has succeeded in developing a cable for fixed installation that can reduce the noise interference of microphone cables, and it has been eagerly awaited by the public.

1983 (Feb)

Established Sales Company in California, USA.

Establishment of Canare Cable, Inc. in Los Angeles, California, for expanding our business into the U.S market. Furthermore, we established distributors in Canada, the United Kingdom, France and other countries to expand our sales channels worldwide.

1983 (Nov)

Canare Harness Co., Ltd. in Nagoya, Japan established.

1987 (Feb)

Released True 75ohm BNC connector.

Started selling True 75ohm BNC connectors suitable for the age of High-Definition and Computer Graphics.

1989 (Jun)

Released True 75ohm Dual Video Jack.

Launch of manufacture and sale of Video Patchbays for the broadcast market.

1993 (Mar)

Launched Nano-Tech Laboratory in Nagoya, Japan.

Launched Nano-Tech Laboratory in Japan, for the basic development of semiconductor lasers.


Canare Corporation of Korea established.


Canare Japan certified ISO 9001.

Canare will promote the quality and environmental policy of "providing products and services that promptly and efficiently meet customer needs, while still fulfilling our social responsibility through continuous improvement.”


Canare Corporation of Taiwan established.


Started selling EO/OE Converters, starting with the broadcast market.

2003 (May)

Canare Corporation of Shanghai established.

2003 (Now)

Started selling HFO Camera Cables, starting with the broadcast market.

2004 (Feb)

Canare Corporation of Tianjin established.

Established a subsidiary in Tianjin, China, to promote our products in the Asia region.

2004 (May)

Obtained ISO14001 certification to improve customer satisfaction and trust

2008 (May)

Canare Corporation of Singapore established.

2011 (Mar)

Canare System Works Co., Ltd. established in Tokyo Japan.

Established a subsidiary to sell podiums, wagons, EIA mount panels, AV wall plates, etc.

2012 (May)

Canare Tech Corporation established in Yokohama Japan.

2015 (Aug)

Canare Electric India Private Ltd. established.

2016 (Nov)

Canare Europe GmbH established in Germany.

2017 (May)

Canare Middle East FZCO established in Dubai, UAE.

2020 (Sep)

Anniversary of the establishment of 50