• RS-422-2U-48

RS422 Patchbays

The RS422 serial signal used for VTR remote applications can now be switched with Bantam patchbay ease.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Bantam Jack Panel.
  • Full-Normalled at Jacks.
  • T,R,S out to 9-pin D sub female connectors.
  • Rear: D sub(F) 9P x16, 24, 32, 48.
  • D sub screws are M2.6.
  • Designed to handle RS-422 Serial Data.
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  • Tech Data

RS422 Patchbays

Type Model Panel Size Connectors Standard package
Front Panel Tear Panel
RS-422-1U-16 RS-422-1U-16 1 RU Bantam D sub 9P(F) x 16 1
RS-422-1U-24 1 RU Bantam D sub 9P(F) x 24
RS-422-2U-32 2 RU Bantam D sub 9P(F) x 32
RS-422-2U-48 2 RU Bantam D sub 9P(F) x 48
  • RS-422 dim
  • RS-422 dim
  • RS-422-1U-24

  • RS-422-2U-48



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