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75 ohm Multi-pin Coax Connectors

Handles five 75 ohm coaxial connections

Key Features and Benefits

  • 1.2 or less VSWR up to 1.5 GHz.
  • Crimp system ensures quick and reliable installation.
Replacement unit also available.
MCM-V5C3: BN9078A
MCF-V5C3: BN9079B
Be sure to use Canare Crimp Tool
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75 ohm Multi-pin Coax ConnectorsCrimp Type

Model Suitable Cable Die Set Description Standard package
MCM-V5C3 V5-3C TCD-35CA Plug 1pc
MCF-V5C3 V5-3C, L-3C2V, L-3C2VS TCD-35CA Receptacle 1pc
Model Description Standard package
DCM01 Dust Cap for MCM-V5C3 1 pc
DCF01 Dust Cap for MCF-V5C3 1 pc

Technical Note

Voltage Standing - wave Ratio (VSWR) and Return Loss

Terminating the receiving end of a limited length coaxial cable using a resistance value not equal to its characteristic impedance creates a reflected wave that returns back down the cable to the sending end. The result is interference developing between the travelling wave and the return wave which results in a standing wave that causes voltage levels to fluctuate. The degree to which terminating resistance matches the characteristic impedance is indicated using the VSWR or voltage standing-wave ratio standard shown in Fig. 1. Going hand in hand with the VSWR ratio is the return loss factor which measures the size of the reflected wave current in relation to the travelling wave current. (See Fig. 2)

Fig. 1 Voltage Distribution Over Coaxial Cable

VSWR Return Loss (dB)
2 9.54
1.5 13.98
1.2 20.83
1.1 26.44
1.05 32.26
1.02 40.09
1.01 46.06

Fig. 2 VSWR to Return Loss Conversion Table






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