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75 ohm Micro Video Patchbays

Our unique, thinnest and lightest video jacks realize ultimate space efficiency.

Key Features and Benefits

  • High density 48 channels of I/O into 1 RU design.
  • Video jack weights 35 g and is half of our conventional one.
  • Space and weight saving; beneficial to O.B. vans
  • DIN 1.0/2.3 rear jacks.
  • Dust-proof shutter
  • Included a sheet of channel designator for easy identification.
  • Can be recessed 25 mm.
  • 3G-SDI: SMPTE ST 424 compliant
Be sure to use with Canare Micro Video Patch Cords.
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75 ohm Micro Video Patchbays

Type Model Panel Size Loaded Video Jacks Standard package
Patchbays 48MC 1 RU 48 x MCVJ-W 1 pc
NO IMAGE 48MCS 1 RU 48 x MCVJ-S 1 pc

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48MC dim

Return Loss & Isolation

RL DIN-DIN: Normal Through 20 dB or greater
@ 3 GHz
DIN-Video: Patch Through 20 dB or greater
@ 3 GHz
20 dB or greater
@ 3 GHz
DIN-Self Termination 10 dB or greater
@ 3 GHz
20 dB or greater
@ 3 GHz
Isolation 45 dB or greater
@ 3 GHz
45 dB or greater
@ 3 GHz

Dual Video Jacks

Type Model Description Rear Jacks Standard package
Patchbays MCVJ-W Normal through DIN 1.0/2.3 1 pc
Patchbays MCVJ-S Straight through DIN 1.0/2.3 1 pc

Micro Video Jack

Type Model Suitable Cable Boot Die Set Standard package
Patchbays MCVP-C25HW L-2.5CHWS - TCD-D253F 20 pcs
  • The plug is specifically designed for MCVJ and MCVJK(A) jacks.


Type Model Description Standard package
- MCVPC** Canare Micro patch cords 1 pc
bet-dh BET-D/H BNC extraction tool 1 pc
bet-din BET-DIN BNC extraction tool 1 pc
- PH50B Patch cord holder for MCVPC** 1 pc
- MCVJ-DC Dust cap for MCVJK(A) 100 pcs
  • Normal Throuth

    Normal Throuth
    (Return Loss for MCVJ-W)

  • Patch Through

    Patch Through
    (Return Loss for MCVJ-W)

  • Isolation






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