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12G-SDI Staggered Video Patchbaysnew
The next-generation 12G-ready video patchbays with newly developed dual video jacks.
  • 32MCK-ST12G-SDI

12G-SDI Staggered Video Jacksnew
SMPTE ST 2082-1 compliant. Newly developed high performance dual video jacks.

75 ohm Micro-miniature Coaxial Connectorsnew
Canare's exclusive micro-miniature connectors, KC series: specially designed for 4K/8K UHD equipment. Our PCB mount solutions provide flexible layout and reliable connectivity on 12G-SDI signal path. Products are 12 GHz verified and guaranteed SMPTE ST 2082-1.
  • KC Series12G-SDI

75 ohm Micro Video Patchbaysnew
Micro video jacks realized high density 48-channel lightweight video patchbay.
  • 48MC

75 ohm Micro Video Jacksnew
Our unique, thinnest and lightweight video jacks realize ultimate space efficiency.
  • MCVJ

75 ohm Coaxial Cables
The Ultra Coax developed to further reduce attenuation, especially for 12G-SDI. Canare 75 ohm coaxial cable series expands the range of choices for any kind of video formats.
  • Ultra Coax12G-SDI
  • Super Coax
  • Low Loss Coax
  • Mobile Coax

75 ohm BNC Crimp Plugs
The new and improved Crimp Plugs BCP-D series debut for 12G-SDI and our new Ultra Coax.
  • BCP-D12G-SDI
  • BCP-B
  • BCP-A
  • BCP-C

75 ohm BNC Receptacles & Adapter
Jack to Jack and PCB mount receptacles have been redesigned and updated for 12G-SDI.
  • PCB mount12G-SDI
  • Jack to Jack12G-SDI

75 ohm Staggered Mid-size Video Patchbays
3G-SDI capable, 32 across Mini-WECO dual video patchbays equipped with Canare exclusive "Rotary Switch".
  • 32MD-ST

75 ohm Staggered Mid-size Video Jacks
3G-SDI capable, highly-reliable Mini-WECO video jacks featuring Canare Rotaly Switch Technology.

75 ohm DIN 1.0/2.3 Crimp Plugs: DCP-C Series
Mini coax plugs IEC 61169-29 and DIN 47 297 compatible.
Unique ball-locking mechanism offers smooth and reliable mating.
  • DCP-C

75 ohm DIN 1.0/2.3 Receptacles & Adapters
Mini coax connectors ideal for high density mounting and downsizing devices. Canare offers a wide variety of receptacles and adapters.
  • PCB mount
  • Adapters

Active BNC
Small BNC connector incorporates either a cable equalier or a cable driver. Supports 3G/HD/SD-SDI, and makes innovation in your PCB layout.
  • BCA series

Coaxial Cable Strippers
The cable stripper exclusively designed for 3-step precision stripping of coaxial cable.
  • TS100 series

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