75 ohm Staggered Mid-size Video Patchbays

32MD-ST Series (1RU/2RU)

3G-SDI capable, 32 across Mini-WECO dual video patchbays equipped with Canare exclusive "Rotary Switch".
ModelConfig.Loaded Video Jacks
32MD-ST 2x32x1RU MDVJ-STW (Normal Through)
32MD-STS 2x32x1RU MDVJ-STS (Straight Through)
32MD-ST-2U 2x32x2RU MDVJ-STW (Normal Through)
32MD-STS-2U 2x32x2RU MDVJ-STS (Straight Through)

Key Features and Benefits
  • 32 across, Mini-WECO compatible
  • Canare exclusive "Rotary Switch"
  • Return loss: ≥ 10dB @ 3GHz
  • 3G/HD/SD-SDI
  • Staggered BNC rear jacks
  • Lightweight aluminum alloy video jacks.
  • Adjustable front panel: flat (default) or 25 mm recessed
  • Wider designation strips for 2RU patchbays

photo shown 25 mm recessed

32MD-ST Series (4RU)

6x32 configuration, highly-reliable Mini-WECO video patchbays featuring Canare Rotaly Switch Technology.
ModelConfig.Loaded Video Jacks
32MD-ST-4U 6x32x4RU MDVJ-STW (Normal Through)
32MD-STS-4U 6x32x4RU MDVJ-STS (Straight Through)

Rear view of 32MD-ST-4U