75 ohm DIN 1.0/2.3 Crimp Plugs

DCP-C Series

Mini coax plugs with push-pull locking.
Unique ball-locking mechanism offers smooth and reliable mating.
ModelSuitable CableDie Set + Crimp Tool
DCP-C25HD L-2.5CHD, 1855A, VDM230 TCD-D253F + TC-1
DCP-C25HW L-2.5CHWS, V4-2.5CHW TCD-D253F + TC-1
DCP-C4F L-4CFB, 1505A, VPM2000 TCD-D534F + TC-1
DCP-C53 L-4.5CHD, 1694A, VSD2001 TCD-D534F + TC-1

Key Features and Benefits
  • IEC 61169-29 and DIN 47 297 compatible. (connecting part)
  • Return loss: 20 dB @ 3 GHz
  • Our unique ball-locking mechanism offers smooth mating. (US patent 8764473 B2)
  • Elongated body design enables stable finger grip.
  • Canare crimp design ensures quick and reliable installation.
  • Captive contact pin: the crimp pin snaps and locks into place to prevent pin migration.
  • Superior cable pull strength and bending performance.
  • Insertion/extraction tool BET-DIN is available.

  • Crimp plugs require a crimping tool TC-1 and a suitable die set listed above.
  • Be sure to use the Canare crimping tool.

Die Set
photo: TCD-451CA