Coaxial Cable Strippers

TS100 Series

Three internal circular steel blades perform precise, extremely clean and easy stripping.
ModelPreset to
TS100E LV-77S/L-5CFB, V*-5CFB, V*-5C, LV-61S/L-4CFB, V*-3C
TS100U L-2.5CHD, 1855A, 1505A, 1694A

Key Features and Benefits
  • For most Canare BNC, DIN, RCA, and F crimp plugs.
  • One stripper for five different coax cables.
  • Make your own cable setting within cable O.D. 4 mm to 11 mm.
  • A hex wrench and a replaceable blade included.
The following types of cables may not be ideal.
  • Hard jacket material such as polyethylene.
  • Particularly soft insulator material such as highly-foamed polyethlene.
3-step Procedure

1. Insert a cable.

2. Rotate several times.

3. Pull out the cable while pushing down the lever.